Meet Tiffany

Meet Tiffany

“When I used to dream about Eco Eden, I saw an ecosystem built by women, for women. I saw myself – a mom, a businesswoman, a lover of fashion – and millions of other women who are driven by creativity, passion, and a desire to serve others. We lead in our homes. We lead at work. We lead in our communities. We are struck down and we stand up again. We are pushed to the side and we find our way back.

At Eco Eden, we believe sustainable, ethical fashion shouldn’t lie outside the norm. We believe you should have the choice to make an impact when you make a purchase. Our clothing and accessories are made and sold by artisans and staff who not only earn a living wage, but also feel safe, supported, and strong in their work.

Through employment, mentorship, and charitable partnerships, we are committed to helping girls and women who have experienced abuse, poverty, and prejudice embrace their strength. When you make a choice to become a part of the Eco Eden family, our commitment becomes your commitment, too.

And that’s my challenge to you: Commit. Choose to move; choose to act; choose to take care of each other.

Thanks for being a part of this dream.”