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How did Eco Eden get its name and what is the meaning behind it?

The name Eco Eden is a play on words that reflect natural beauty, femininity and community. Having a lifelong passion for fashion and servant leadership, I saw an ecosystem built by women, for women. I saw myself – a mom, a businesswoman, a lover of fashion – and millions of other women who are driven by creativity, passion, and a desire to serve others. 

Our vision is to create a path for all women to express strength and authenticity through fashion.  

Our mission is to celebrate the strength of womanhood and invest in girls and women overcoming experiences of abuse, poverty, and prejudice. We work to support like-minded organizations while cultivating professional skills in fair trade retail and bringing ethical fashion to the unapologetic woman.  


Eco Eden is NOT just a feel good brand; it is a GOOD brand.

Sustainability isn’t just a sexy word we throw around; it’s a way of business that is truly better. It’s intentional. It’s smart. It’s long lasting.  

We’re dedicated to quality, functionality, longevity, and personal/professional growth. Customers buy our products because they’re simply better.  

Explore a personal journey in the branding. This brand is a slow brand for a reason. Everything is done with intention. Every piece is thoughtfully created by artisans. The pieces are not made to follow the path of fast fashion. They are not meant to go from mannequin to closet to Goodwill in the course of a year. The pieces are made to follow you through the years. They can and should outlast new seasons of life.  

Eco Eden is purpose-driven, first and foremost, but it does make a profit. We’re proud to be a business that does good. We continue to pressure others to live up to the idea that you can be for profit and ethical. There are two key reasons this concept is important to reinforce:  

1. Purpose over profit: All decisions are made with people in mind. It's doing things the right way, and leading by example. We keep our core mission in mind when making any business decision. Purpose over profit. People over industry.  

2. Profit is still part of the equation: Profit is essential because it allows permanence, employee security, and maker security. It gives us the ability to do this work and be a positive force in people's lives. There is nothing wrong with tying profit to purpose as long as purpose is the foundation.  



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Where is Eco Eden located? 

We proudly operate our online store out my hometown, Cincinnati, Ohio. During our first year, Eco Eden can be found at local pop-up shops, festivals and fashion events because we love mixing and mingling with our customers. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our community to get updates on upcoming events. We have future plans to grow into a brick & mortar.

Our mission includes future creation of viable and sustainable employment for underserved women in our community.